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INTRODUCTION Celebrations happen every day. People from all over the world and all walks of life experience happiness and want to celebrate it with their friends and loved ones. One occasion which everyone celebrates is their birthday party. While celebrations can be big or small, like acing a test or getting married, every happiness has its own charm. And this charm is seen especially during cocktail parties. WHAT ARE COCKTAIL PARTIES? Cocktail parties are simply those parties in which cocktails are served. This type of party of party can be both a social or business event. Cocktail parties have their own niche and every step of planning is important - from finding cocktail party venues to choosing the décor. Cocktail parties are also known as ‘mixers’ and usually involving drinking cocktails and having finger food type dishes. An elegant affair, the first cocktail party was hosted in England in 1924. Cocktail parties also usually have a specific type of dress code and etiquette. http://


WHAT ARE THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF COCKTAIL PARTIES? While planning a cocktail party one has to keep many important aspects in mind. From choosing between the correct cocktail part venues to choosing the right type of food, these are the top do’s and don'ts of cocktail parties – DO MINGLE WITH NEW PEOPLE A cocktail party is called a mixer for a reason. There are bound to be people there that you haven’t met before and it is important for you to socialize. Try not to stick with only your friends or people you know and branch out to meet others. You might learn something interesting and make friends for life! If you’re feeling too shy, you can ask the host to introduce you to the other guests. KNOW WHY THE EVENT IS BEING HELD Since a cocktail party is a formal event it is most probable that is being held for a specific event. Know why it is being held before the event happens. If it is for a social or political cause, then read up on the issue at hand and have all the knowledge. So read the invitation properly and have the information with you before you attend. This step is not necessary if it is just a friends cocktail party or a wedding cocktail party. http://


DON’T GOSSIP WITH THE OTHER GUESTS Gossiping is generally very rude in real life and even more so at a party. While trying to strike up a conversation, do not speak about the other people in the room, instead speak about yourself, the person you’re in conversation with or the reason the cocktail party is happening. Always celebrate happiness, not negativity. DON’T OVEREAT The main purpose of a cocktail party is to socialize with the other guests. So make sure you go easy on the food. A cocktail party is anyway supposed to have light food like finger food. Stuffing your mouth with it or loading it up on your plate during a formal event gives a very poor impression. So keep it off the plate, keep it off the reputation! DON’T GO CAMERA CRAZY At a cocktail party socialize with people face to face, not through your phone. If it is a formal cocktail party, you may not know all the guests. So don’t take too many pictures, it may seem highly unprofessional. So when you’re attending, always look at the cocktail party venues and see how the environment you are in is. Act accordingly! http://


WHAT DO I KEEP IN MIND WHILE CHOOSING BETWEEN COCKTAIL PARTY VENUES? A venue is the most aspect of any event, especially something which needs aesthetic points like cocktail parties. Whether you’re choosing between cocktail party venues in Mumbai or New York, there are somethings to keep in mind. Choose a place that has a central location. Choose a venue that can fit all your guests as has the flexibility to accommodate more if needed. Choose a venue that fits within your budget and leaves you with money for your other expenses. Choose a venue that has good service. Choose a venue that has a good reputation in the market. With all these points in mind, whether you’re choosing cocktail party venues in Mumbai or London, you’re bound to choose the perfect one! http://


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