Party Planning And How To Choose The Perfect Party Place


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INTRODUCTION Every day people around the world feel happiness and this happiness lets people celebrate. Celebrations can be big or small. It can be getting a promotion or getting married. Both ways, it is still a celebrations. One of the most popular ways of celebrating an accomplishment or a milestone in ones life is by throwing a party. A party is social gathering of people that involves eating, drinking and entertainment. A party can be just 3 people or 300. Whatever the size, however big or small, people love to party and to plan a party. WHAT IS PARTY PLANNING? Party planning is the entire process of deciding every aspect of the party, so that your guests have a good time. From choosing party places to choosing the menu, party planning has a lot of aspects. Many people hire professional party planners, especially during big celebrations like weddings or birthdays. But anyone can be a party planner. Research and a personal touch is all you need! http://


WHAT ARE THE DO’s and Dont’s FOR PARTY HOSTS? While planning party, one has to look through many different aspects. From choosing party places to choosing the décor, there are many things the guests have to look into. These are the Do’s for the party hosts. Do find your party beforehand. – For example, if you’re living in Mumbai, have a big event coming up and are looking for party places in Mumbai , then do your research beforehand and find a venue. Do all your party planning in advance. – This can be from the food to the music. Do take your guests dietary needs into consideration. – Find out if someone has allergies or has some food needs and prepare your menu accordingly. Do make a play list – Music is always good with a party and good music is always better. http://


WHAT ARE THE DO’s and Don’ts FOR PARTY HOSTS? There are many things that a host should not do while planning a party as well. This can range from choosing between the wrong party places to choosing the wrong décor. These are the don’ts for party hosts. Don’t have the music too loud – You want your guests to meet and communicate. The music should not overpower the conversation. Don’t worry too much about the food. – If you were cooking and something does not taste the best, don’t worry. People will not have a bad time if something is a little overdone. Don’t invite all strangers. – Invite some guests who know each other prior to the party so the environment is more relaxed. Don’t force people to eat. – If people are not interested in a second helping or in having alcohol, don’t force them . http://


THINGS ONE SHOULD KEEP IN MIND WHILE CHOOSING PARTY PLACES There are many things to consider while choosing between party places. Whether you’re looking for party places in Mumbai or New York, there are some things you should keep in mind. Choose a place that is centrally located or can be reached easily. Choose a place that can fit the amount of guests and is flexible to extras or drop outs. Choose a place that has a good reputation in the market. Choose a place that you can afford and does not cause a strain on your party budget. Choose a place where the staff will be able to help you in case of any mishap. With all these points in mind, your next party will be nothing short of a success ! http://


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