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My favorite foods


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Draw a pyramid to illustrate your eating habits!: 

Draw a pyramid to illustrate your eating habits! Draw your pyramid: write what you eat a lot, some, a little, or nothing. Write a short paragraph describing your eating habits. Consider these questions to write your paragraph: What and how much and how often do you eat. I eat a lot of yogurt I sometimes eat some pasta I eat a little of brocoli I never have oil What food you like or don’t like and your opinion I love eating taco I like yogurt very much I don’t like rice Fruits are very important foe a healthy body. Strawberry delicious. I love them Look at your pyramid and compare it to the Food Pyramid in your book. Decide if you have a healthy diet. Tell what you need to eat more or what you need to eat less I have a healthy diet. I don’t eat very well I need to eat more efI need to eat less

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