unit 8 (national festivity, san benito)

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San Benito de Palermo (Zulia) “My favorite is the first day of January since that day is celebrated in San benito and always meets all my family and friends at home my parents.” The West wears feast to celebrate St. Benedict, the protector of crops and businesses. The festival is held at various locations throughout the country, especially in Bobures and Gibraltar, Zulia state. The Zulian, specifically in the area south of Lake Maracaibo, lively and , Celebrating using a battery of seven or eigth drums known as chimbángueles to pay tribute to santito black. On January 1st is a day of the Holy Celebration for the native population of Bobures in Zulia state, who meet with visitors from neighboring villages and tourists who come from all parts of the country to the procession leading to the head "The Abanderado, preceded by the" captains "and followed by the drums, to the church for mass. Upon leaving San benito is sprinkled with spirits, as the devotees argue that San Benito likes to drink, and continue the celebration in the streets to the beat of drums. “I love this celebration and thanks to the god and my promises are fulfilled in one way or another to pay tribute.”

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