Alabama Immigration Law

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New Alabama Immigration Law: 13 Arrested Radhika, Wenya, Akanksha

Causes Illegal immigration to Alabama Arrests can be made with suspicion.

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Two Important People ● Governer

Outcome No real outcome of the protests as a whole as of right now →protests are still going on. Police arrested 2 protesters for not leaving an office building, and 11 for blocking a street near the capitol. No incidents during arrests → protesters practicing civil disobedience → following examples set by Thoreau, M.L.K, and Gandhi.

Did Event Cause the Change it Desired Protests were the end result of the Dream is Coming Project → who hoped to show to other illegal immigrants that it was safer to declare their undocumented status. Many suspected illegal residents still have not share their immigration status → not really the desired change.

Works Cited Fausset, Richard. "13 arrested in protest against Alabama's immigration law." Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times. 16 Nov. 2011. Web. 17 Dec. 2011.(

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