American horror story opening title sequence

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American horror story opening title sequence:

American horror story opening title sequence


Camera The title sequence begins with a handheld, point of view (POV) shot of a desaturated room which instantly fills the audience with fear and helps to build suspense for the coming shots. Many of these style shots are used throughout the opening sequence when cutting between different scenes from the show to create the feeling that someone is leading around the main building of the show . Many close up shots are also used of children that seem to be very disturbed and/ o r scared which suggests a sinister feel as children are stereotypically innocent and the use of the shot and framing portrays them as a piece of false security for the audience. A lot of shots are also at canted angles , especially when the footage is handheld which, once again provides a sinister suspenseful feel to the opening sequence as it is unnatural to look at therefore it confuses our senses, as the audience, and puts us on edge thus preparing us for the scares that the title sequence forebodes.

Mise en scene:

Mise en scene The initial location is a doctors office which is highly saturated and has low-key lighting in order to provide a feeling of terror amongst the reader. This brings a suspenseful start to the show immediately drawing the audience in. The props used directly coincide with the location as the doctors office has easily distinguishable items; scissors, stethoscopes, otoscopes and first aid cases are present. No costumes are present on any people in the first scene however further on in the opening sequence, there are young children, who look mortified or possessed, wearing old fashioned clothing to make the audience feel uneasy as the clothing from that time is fairly foreign to them.


Sound The sounds used throughout the opening sequence are all non-diegetic and are mainly computer generated screams and other noises that produce and eerie atmosphere. The sounds of metal scratching against a surface can be heard which is stereotypical of the horror genre as it signifies a stalker or some kind of danger in close proximity. There is also music used which is generally suspenseful and is a low pitched bass-like sound which is once again stereotypical of the horror genre. This really sets the mood and prepares the viewer for what is next to come.


Editing The editing portion of the opening sequence utilises a lot of fast paced cuts and cross cutting between the main locations in the show. Not only does this gives the audience a feel for what the show will be like within the first few minutes of the show, it also sets an atmosphere that the show will continue on throughout the series. The special effects utilised are also somewhat unique to the horror genre such as fast paced glitches and crossfades which present the show to be fast paced and jumpy in a smooth, seem less way which makes the title sequence so much more intriguing for the audience.

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