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Social Group Representations:

Social Group Representations Trois Etoiles

Three Characters:

Three Characters The three main characters of my TV Drama have three hugely different characteristics and personalities. These can be identified through the way that they act and through their costumes. Each of these characters have their own strengths and weaknesses that the audience may sympathise with. Furthermore, the audience may sympathise with their personalities. Through these three character I created three stereotypes which fit into different social groups. My inspiration has been taken from different ‘cliques’ formed in High School.

The Emo – Yin:

The Emo – Yin The social group I am representing through Yin is people who tend to isolate themselves or struggle with social interaction. The personalities and characteristics of an ‘Emo’ is represented through her clothing. Her outfit consists of mainly black. She also wears a beanie and a black leather jacket. The beanie can be used to hide away. The leather jacket would make her look threatening. Both items of clothing's can be used to hide your face and ward off unwanted attention.

The Bookworm - Willow:

The Bookworm - Willow The social group I am representing through Willow is incredibly intelligent people who bury themselves in their studies. The personality and characteristics of a stereotypical ‘Bookworm’ is exemplified through Willow’s glasses and almost always choosing to read a book over using their phone for entertainment.

The Fashionista - Furiosa:

The Fashionista - Furiosa The social group I am representing through Furiosa is people with confidence and who are out going. They may also be slightly reckless. To show this I will show scenes of Furiosa being hyper or doing crazy things such as, just running around and screaming. Also, as a ‘fashionista’ she has a lot of love for clothing and makeup so I will create a scene devoted for that.

Different genders:

Different genders Different sexualities are also represented in my TV Drama: At some point in my series it will be revealed that Yin is homosexual. I have created my opening sequence as if the series is already a few episodes in. In the pre-opening sequence I will have audio of Yin saying something along the lines of: ‘I loved her.’ Different Sexualities Different genders are also represented in my TV Drama: Stereotypically, men take on the super hero role in movies and dramas. In my drama, the super hero roles are played by women. The Villain of my story is a male character called Yang. This is also a stereotype in super hero movies. The antagonist role being filled by a powerful male.

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