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Logo development:

Logo development Trois Etoiles

ITV 2 Logo:

ITV 2 Logo The version of the ITV 2 Logo that I used on my website and TV drama opening is silver. I had debated using other colours such as a red or turquoise version but I decided to use the silver version. This colour suited my website as the background of my website is predominantly a ‘star filled sky’. The silver stands out very well against the black background. This version also worked very well for my opening sequence. It worked better as a watermark compared to the red and turquoise version. I felt the silver version looked more pleasing to the eye, as if it were a part of the sequence.

AshSparks – Video and Film Studio:

AshSparks – Video and Film Studio I used ‘Ash’ as this incorporates my name. ‘Ash’ has connotations of fire so I paired ‘Sparks’ with it. The term ‘Sparks’ also has positive connotations, like the joy brought from sparklers used at celebrations. Fire creates many sparks, meaning many creative ideas for the audience to enjoy. The colours I used to create my logo I also drew from the theme of fire sparks and ash – red and black. I used black and white as the background as I feel it gives the logo a chic, clean look.

Trois Etoiles – Program Title and Logo :

Trois Etoiles – Program Title and Logo ‘Trois Etoiles’ is French for ‘Three Stars’. I decided to write my title in French as I feel the language makes the title seem more magical and makes it unique. The show is also being broadcast on a British Channel, so a different language makes the program seem even more out of this world to the British viewers. The ‘Trois Etoiles’ are the three main characters of my program. They are ‘stars’ because they are saving people from the darkness (villains) and bringing them to the light (safety). ’Stars’ also have connotations of fate, creating the idea that the three main characters are fated to join and ‘save the world.’ They all have very different personalities but the ‘stars’ (fate) brought them together. These pictures are taken from my opening sequence. Within the logo I have incorporated all my main characters. The black sky represents Yin; the red stars represent Furiosa; the blue stars represent Willow and the white font represents Yang (the villain). The font I used for the title is called ‘ Zapfino ’. From the beginning I wanted to use a ‘handwritten’ type of font as I feel it fits with the theme of fate; like prophecies written in old scrolls. However, I still wanted the title/logo to be clear and readable and I felt that ‘ Zapfino ’ worked the best. I had debated incorporating the three different colours of main characters (black, red and blue) into the title but I felt it would look messy. So I decided to use white which stands out nicely against the ‘starry sky’ background. It also gave me a chance to incorporate my ‘villain’ into the opening sequence. Thus boosting their importance.

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