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How lighting is used in film:

How lighting is used in film This is a scene from the DC Comic’s movie Aquaman . In this image there is a bright light which is emitting from behind him which makes it almost seem as if he is glowing. Therefore, emphasising his power as a super hero. This is a scene from the movie ‘Ghost’. The storyline is that the protagonist, Sam, is murdered by a thug. As a ghost he tries to protect his wife from the villains. The scene in the picture is from the moment when he was killed. The street is almost deserted, and the only lights are coming from the street lamps. Thus creating an eerie feel. This is a scene from the movie ‘Titanic’. This scene is also extremely iconic, being replicated and parodied in many other forms of media. Warm lighting is created by the sun setting which creates a romantic and comforting feel. Thus foreshadowing the relationship of Jack and Rose. High Key Lighting: Used to create a sense of hope or sense of safety. For example, high key lighting can be used when a super hero enters a room. With them they bring light which means people are safe. Low Key Lighting: Used to create a sense of fear or sense of insecurity. For example, there may be a scene where an unprotected character walks home alone in the dark which creates a sense of insecurity because something could be hiding in the dark and attack them. Warm Lighting: Similarly to high key lighting, brings a sense of safety but also has a more of a comforting feel. For example, this type of lighting is used a lot in movies during romantic scenes. It creates a sort of golden filter over piece of film which makes everything seem magical.

How will I use lighting?:

How will I use lighting? I have three main characters that have different super powers so the type of lighting I use to represent each character will differ: Yin - Dark Powers: Yin’s concept is that although she has dark powers, she wants to use them for good but has a difficult time controlling it. So I would like to create a very dark setting which means little lighting will be used. Yin also wears black so in order to see her I will find a way to add light. For example, Yin could ‘create a ball of light.’ Willow – Nature Powers: Willow’s nature powers give me a great opportunity to use natural lighting. So, I will most likely place Willow outside in a ‘nature-filled’ area and will film when the day is brightest. Furiosa – Fire Powers: I would like to incorporate fire into Furiosa’s character introduction. Therefore I will have to use low-key lighting which will produced through candles in a dark room. The candles will be enough so that Furiosa is visible but will create shadows to form some mystery. Antagonist (Yang) – The link between Yin and Yang is that they have opposing super powers. Yang has light powers however he uses them for bad. His outfit is also white which opposes Yin’s outfit. I would like to use high key lighting but use it to create an eerie feel. My idea is that it will be similar to the type of light produced in hospitals: although it is bright, it is almost blinding.

How will I use lighting?:

In these scenes I will use warm lightning. The setting will be outside and I will shoot it during the golden hour of the day which creates warm lighting. Thus exemplifying the love the three characters have for each other and their trust in each other. Another way I will use lighting will be to represent the place which has a lot of importance to the three characters: How will I use lighting?

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