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Character Backstories:

Character Backstories Trois Etoiles


Yin Crawford Age: 18 Powers: Darkness Catchphrase: ‘Everyone has darkness’ Has been living a life of solitude for the past five years. Yin came from a happy family, everything was perfect. The little fairy-tale shattered when her parents were murdered. She ran away, dragging her baby brother along with her. Unfortunately, their effort wasn't enough when Yin was knocked out. She woke up in a gutter, her brother had vanished. She searched everywhere for her brother. Having found nothing, she assumed the worst... ​ Now she lives in a shabby apartment, continuing her education and working two jobs to pay the rent. She changed her name to Yin Crawford so that the social workers could not find her. She couldn't stand the idea of being trapped in the system, moving from home to home. No place would ever feel like home to her again.  ​ She isolates herself from everyone, refusing to make friendships. Keeping relationships to a minimum meant that there was no room for heartbreak.  However, her wishes are ignored when two girls burst into her life...


Willow Kobayashi Age: 18 Powers: Nature (Plants and Water) Catchphrase: ‘Knowledge is power sweetie’ The child could recite Shakespeare before she could walk, Willow was destined to do great things. She came from a working-class family, the oldest of eight siblings. Their small house just about fit all of them. She would watch her parents work themselves tirelessly in order to provide for their children. Willow made a promise to herself that she would become successful and earn enough money to move her family into a bigger house and make sure her parents would never have to work another day in their life.   Throughout the years, her vow remained strong. She achieved the highest grades in every class, studying from the early hours in the morning to the latest hours in the night. She struggled to give herself time to relax, feeling agitated when she was doing nothing. The only time she could let herself relax was when her family dragged her out of her room and forced them to leave the house for a family outing. She could never say no to the youngest (who was five) when they gave her puppy eyes. All of Willow's hard work paid off being accepted into university to continue her studies. However, without her family there, their little reminders to take breaks  over text and call are not as effective. Will her two new best friends help her?


Furiosa Aldebrand Age: 18 Powers: Fire Catchphrase: ‘EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!’ The Aldebrands are an extremely well known family being one of the wealthiest bloodlines in the country. `Furiosa was given everything that she wanted. The girl loved fashion. A different make-up style and clothing assortment for everyday of the week. ​ Fortunately, the kind girl never let it get to her head but for her 'friends' it seemed quite the opposite. Furiosa was an only child and her parents were always busy running the family business. It was extremely lonely being a child in a mansion with no one to play with. When school started, Furiosa was ecstatic at the thought of making friends. Finally, she would be able to find happiness in something other than her love for fashion. Sadly, as she grew older, she began to realise her friend's true intentions. However, she would push those thoughts away, putting on a bright-smile and happy persona. Having her 'groupies' was better than nothing.  ​ Without realising, her make-up became a mask and without the love of others, she forgot to love herself... ​ Now starting university, she keeps her family heritage a secret in the hopes she will find true friends...

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