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Effects and Transitions Research:

Effects and Transitions Research Trois Étoiles

Effects :

Effects  Change eye colour : the characters that I have created have superpowers which can be seen as abnormal. Having outrageous eye colours could be a signifier of abnormalities.  Change clothes colour: By slightly changing the colour of my characters clothing I can exemplify their powers for example, by turning their clothes red I can represent fire. Creating Snow : One of my character's powers is to do with nature which is associated with water. So I would like to use snow as it has graceful connotations.  Creating fire: One of my character's has fire powers so I would like to learn to create a fire effect which would emphasise her power.  Creating shadows: my main character's power is darkness however the irony is that she is  a good person. Therefore I would like to use shadows in a way to show that she has good intentions but because of her nature she can not fulfil good deeds.  Glow: by creating a glow around a character I can emphsise their power: they have so much power that is seeps out of them. 


A blizzard transition using particles. Glitch  Glow  I would like to choose transitions that suit the personalities of the characters that I have created.  Furthermore, my TV Drama has a slightly supernatural aspect to it  so I would like to use transitions that creates a mystical feel.  Transitions Again, having superpowers would be abnormal. If there is a glitch in a system, it is an abnormality. They are a glitch in the system which is society.  I would like to learn how to use a glow to transition into the next scene because I would like to emphasise the glow effect to show the three girl's powers escaping them. The glow would grow and become so intense that it turns the screen white, then transitioning to the next scene. 

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