Production Planning

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Production Planning:

Production Planning

Character Overview:

Character Overview Three main characters of different demographics: emo, stylish, bookworm.  Turns out they are undercover agents that have been put together. Antagonist: identity not shown.  Three main characters are disguised when working I.e. fighting crime. 

Locations I can shoot:

Locations I can shoot The river crouch: on the bridge, the catwalk, through the fields, the forest. Norsey Woods: lots of trees, on the hill, tree trunks that have fallen. Frinton beach: the pier, the high Street, Garden centre nearby Hyde Hall: big hills, flowers, the lake, the café, the barn. Basildon arcades: the bowling alleys, the restaurant. Southend: The beach, arcades, the pier, the beach when the tide is out, ferris wheel. Thorpness : the beach, High Street, the lake (boats, willow trees, a huge lot of water) Amy’s house: the staircase, games room (pool table), the kitchen. Lake meadows. London: Covent Garden, China Town, London Eye, Big Ben and Parliament, River Thames MCM: Comic Con exhibition, the docks outside, air hangers inside, lots of cosplayers. The Memorial: the river side, the park, the trees. Wickford High Street: Costas, the market, Co-Op, the church. Chelmsford: Ice Rink (opening June 2019), High Street, Friendship Bridge, the market, book store, park, river, the cathedral. Home: the garden, greenhouse, the garage (office/gym), bedroom, kitchen, Wisteria, Paper Mill Lock: Potentially use a friends boat, Port Elizabeth: Airplane view, the ocean, The Board Walk

What’s available?:

What’s available? Actors: Amy Erin Harleigh Alice? Codi? George? Diesel and Luna (German Shepherd and Westie ) Tortoises Myself Cameras: Sony School camera Iphone 2 canon cameras Props Short blue wig, short white wig + hair extensions, long blue wig, red wig, black and red wig. Different dresses. Jewellery. Pink hat, bandanas, sunglasses, Electric Piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, the drums. Makeup Masquerade masks Black Subaru Impreza

Shots I could take:

Shots I could take Someone slowly removing a white mask: black hoodie, black background, close up.  Someone putting on gear: black hoodie, black gloves, white mask.  Stand off between two people: use over shoulder shots, cut to walking towards each other, close up on faces.  Comic con: Low angle shot above everyone, focusing on certain people; Close up of crowds to create a claustrophobic atmosphere; fight scene between cosplayers; long-shot of the docks; the air hanger; characters searching for antagonist.  River Crouch: people sitting on the bridge, mid-shot of characters; legs dangling over the bridge; low level shot of feet walking over the bridge; characters walking along the plank, having a conversation, shot reverse shot; someone sitting down next to someone else on the bridge.  Voice overs: people giving guidance, dialogue from different episodes,  Walking along the river bank: long shot.  Love interest: people holding hands. 

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