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Task 1: Historical and Comparative Study of Advertising. VS 1961 2016

Task 1: Historical and Comparative Study of Advertising.:

Task 1: Historical and Comparative Study of Advertising. Persil: All’s well that ends well (1961) Mise en Scene: Costume: the mother is wearing clothes that seem home made and she is wearing an apron. Also she wears long skirts and button up shirts which is representative of a mother at the time who was expected to dress respectfully. If women wore revealing clothing it was shocking in 1961. All the women in the video have short haircuts and all seem to be wearing skirts. Props: the iron, Persil, white shirts after they have been washed using Persil. Lighting: Location: A family home, emphasises the idea of safety and homeliness. Camera: Shots : Close ups on the Mother’s face to exemplify her loving and show how much she cares for her daughter. Makes her look more motherly. Close ups on the white clothing to show the effects of Persil, Angle: low level shot of Mother crouching down to her daughter to comfort her. Emphasises how small and vulnerable the child is. Movement: Follows the Mother’s hands when she is ironing and doing the washing. Sound: Non-Diegetic: The music from the advert and the male narrator. Only the narrator and the music is heard by the viewer. Editing: Pace: there is no speeding up and slowing down of the video in the advert which makes their movements seem more human, making it relatable for the viewers. Position: Uses parallel editing as the advert moves forward through time when the daughter eventually finds her bright white bunny. Ideologies and Cultural Context: Around the time that this advert was created, it was customary that while the father was at work, the mother would stay home and do the chores around the house such as cooking and cleaning.

Task 1: Historical and Comparative Study of Advertising.:

Task 1: Historical and Comparative Study of Advertising. Persil : Dirt is Good (2016) Mise en Scene: Costume: All the children are wearing sportswear. Props: A football. Location: A football pitch that has different stereotypical words to describe people on the pitch. Lighting: Very high key lighting as the children are outside and evokes a sense of positivity. Shots: Close ups on different children’s faces to show their concentration and how confident they are. There are close-ups of when their feet connect with the ball or the ground. There is a close-up of when different people kick the writing on the floor. For example, at one point a kid kicks some of the paint that says ‘DIFFERENT’ which causes it to puff up into the air. Angles: There are low angle shots of different kids to make them look powerful. For example at one point there is a Birds eye view shot of a word that says ‘Girlie’ but then the camera cuts to a low-angle shot of a girl getting ready to play. Camera: Movement; The camera follows the movements of the kids. At the beginning the camera pans slightly around a kid who has lost part of their arm and is holding the football. He has a very concentrated and tough look on his face which makes him seem very confident and has the power to do anything. Sound: Non-Diegetic: The up beat music that is playing in the background. The music starts off slightly calm; a drum slowly pounding which synchronises with the movement of the kids onto the pitch. Then when the game starts, new instruments are introduced, the pace starts to quicken and vocals are included. Editing: Pace: At the start the pace is slow and the piece is put into slow motion when focusing on the children . Then as the advert progresses, the piece cuts in and out of slow motion when there are close-ups for example if a kid dives into the paint on the lawn and explodes. Ideologies and Cultural Context: Ideas and opinions about women have changed; the advert makes fun of the term ‘girlie’ and shows that it should not be used in a negative context. Sexuality isn’t the only topic that the advert focuses on. On the football pitch there are different words painted which can be offensive , for example: ‘foreigner’ is a term that is painted on the pitch. By the end of the advert all the words have disappeared due to all of the different kids playing the game with each other as equals. Therefore enforcing the idea of everyone being equal.

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