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How different social groups are portrayed.:

How different social groups are portrayed. By AM Productions

East German authority characters.:

East German authority characters. Lenora : works with Walter, offered that Martin should be the spy. A very professional women; she is realistic.  Walter : HVA official and is Lenora's boss. A very professional man. Wears suit and tie which shows that he has a very important position.  Martin : a soldier in the east German army. Authority was shown when he interrogated the two young men that tried to smuggle books across the border.  Tobias : HVA supervisor and law professor. Martin's mentor for being a spy. He knows what he wants and will fight for peace. He has no family to go back to. He is like a father figure to Martin. He makes speeches about peace.    Authoritative characters have access to better quality clothes and products compared to normal East German citizens. With authority comes knowledge; therefore they are more realistic in the way that they think because they’ve seen a lot more than normal East German citizens. For example: they have seen the other side of the Berlin Wall. 

East German family and friends characters.:

East German family and friends characters. Ingrid: the loving, caring mother who doesn’t want to lose her son but she knows that she can't fight the system as they are too powerful. Wears pastel clothing, look homemade or worn.  Lenora : a strong alpha female. She cares for her family but she does what has to be done for her country.  Annette : Martin's pretty girlfriend. When Martin goes missing she wants to know exactly where he is.  Martin: The son that cares greatly about his mother and the boyfriend who has been separated from his girlfriend. He never knew his father so his mother was all he had.  Party guests : friends and family; East German citizens  The family and friends are thankful for what they have. They are not too fussed about their clothing; their clothes are not of high class brands but are mainly home made. No one at the party is wearing a piece of clothing with a brand logo on it. They don’t need anyone else as long as they have each other. For example: Martin is Ingrid's only son so she was reluctant to let Martin be a spy in West Germany. 

West German authority characters.:

West German authority characters. General Wolfgang Edel: Martin's boss in the Bundeswehr. Has conflicting ideas with his son and his wife.  Alex Edel: Is Wolfgang's son and becomes Martin's friend; he is part of the West German army. Also wants peace instead of fighting. He disagrees with what his father is doing. Arnold Jackson: An American army general that has been stationed in West Germany. A problem for Martin as he keeps unintentionally foiling Martin's plans and jobs he must complete while being a spy. Are all very professional. Nobody suspects that Martin is a spy. Have access to better products and services as they live in the West. They are on America's side and are against communism; shown through the interaction between Wolfgang and Arnold Jackson who is an American army general.  Compared to normal West German citizens, they also have a lot more knowledge about what is really going on. 

West German family and friends characters.:

West German family and friends characters. Party guests:  nicely dressed, better clothing. A lot more 'civilised': just talking to other party guests, low level background music, no one is dancing or singing to music. Everything has been laid out nicely, there's as buffet table outside and lights. The guests are drinking expensive alcohol in glasses, not straight from the bottle.    Yvonne : daughter of Wolfgang, good at singing.   Renate : Very suspicious of Martin because she caught him making a phone call to East Germany. Older than her sister and  Ursula: Mother of Yvonne.  Edel family: juxtaposes Martin's family. Wolfgang has a difficult relationship with his son Alex because of their differences in opinion: Alex doesn’t agree with being in the army and wants peace whereas his father disagrees. Wolfgang argues with his wife. He adores his daughter and is very proud of her for example when she sings for the party guests. Ursula however, like Ingrid, cares a lot about her children.  Have no worries as they are able to afford and access any type of service or product. Unlike Ingrid, they wouldn’t have to be put on a waiting list for a transplant; they would most likely receive treatment straight away. Arguably, people in the West take things for granted. They have no idea what it is like in East Germany; they worry about themselves and not other people.  

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