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TV Drama Music Score and Composers:

TV Drama Music Score and Composers By J.M

Michael Giacchino:

Michael Giacchino Michael Giacchino is an Oscar winning composer known for his work on both music and film.  He did the score for a television drama called Lost about a group of survivors stranded on an island, a very well-reviewed series. Has also done work on many Pixar films, particularly UP, which he won an Oscar for.

Bear McCreary:

Bear McCreary Bear McCreary is a composer, mainly for television dramas. Some of these include the Outlander which is a drama set in WW2 and The Walking Dead, set in a dystopian city, post zombie apocalypse.

John Paesano:

John Paesano John Paesano is an emmy nominated composer and producer for film, television and video games. He's known for his work on Marvel's Daredevil and has also worked on the Maze Runner franchise aswell as the latest Spider-man video game.

Delia Derbyshire:

Delia Derbyshire Delia Derbyshire was an English musician and composer of electronic music who died in the early 2000s. Her high profile began in the 1960s when she was working for the BBC and was most famous for composing the score to Doctor Who which is still going nearly 60 years later.

Jerry Goldsmith:

Jerry Goldsmith Jerry Goldsmith was an American composer for both TV and film. He composed the score for the original 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E' tv series. He has also composed the score for some major motion pictures such as Planet of the Apes and Alien.

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