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Game of Thrones Opening Title Sequence Analysis:

Game of Thrones Opening Title Sequence Analysis By J.M


Camera The opening title sequence consists of many tracking shots as it takes us throughout the many Kingdoms scattered across the map, emphasizing the scale of the landscape. There are many high angle shots of these Kingdoms however through CGI, these Kingdoms expand which conveys that they're thriving  and asserting dominance. Also, some low- angle shots are used, specifically when a group of people are climbing a ladder up a cliff and the low angle shot accentuates the size of it and the risk that comes with it. Thus, birds-eye view shots help to show the expansion of these Kingdoms and could relate to the dragons that dominate the skies and oversee their Kingdoms. There are mid-shots and pans of what appears to be clockwork or a type of mechanical device which is where the sequence starts and then ends meaning that it must have some significant relevance for the series.


Sound The Game of Thrones theme tune is constructed with the use of a cello, creating a soothing melody and truly emphasizing the spectacle of all the kingdoms. The pleonastic sound of drums reinforces this idea that the show revolves around war and conflict. There are sound effects in-between some shot transitions that sounds like that slashing of swords/ weapons, evoking this idea of violence. There is the ambient sound of fire and burning at the start and at the end of the title sequence, conveying a sense of destruction and loss.

Mise en Scene:

Mise en Scene In the opening sequence, the tracking shots show the vast landscape and all the different kingdoms, giving the series a unique location. The opening mainly consists of low-key lighting which helps to evoke the dark tone sustained throughout the series. In some shots though, there is significantly better lighting to convey the growth of the kingdoms. There is a scene in a glacial region whereby goods and supplies are being transported up a cliff which accentuates the challenges in living in these testing environments. Thus, the exotic kingdoms can relate to how the characters dress, with fur coats, robes, dresses, armor and usually how people are usually equipped with weapons like swords and daggers.


Editing A very slow-paced opening sequence is established in Game of Thrones, mainly due to the prolonged tracking shots as we are taken from one part of the map to the other and a lack of cuts which helps to immerse us in the adventure. The transitions mainly consist of jump cuts however the prolonged tracking shots mean that there are not many of them but are required to capture different angles of the landscape. There is a slick transition used where the rings fly across the screen and zoom in on a bird's eye view shot and then zoom out of one later in the sequence which emphasizes how faraway places are from each other and potentially hints at how much uncharted territory there is to explore. Thus, there a major special effects used in the sequence, mainly consisting of animation and motion graphics to build the kingdoms and show them thriving through time. Also, a gold sans serif font is used which may refer to how much gold and treasure is valued in this era.

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