Spain vs. United States unit 2 final

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Spain Vs. United states:

Spain Vs. United states By: Caleb Brinkley

Escuela de España:

Spain goes to school 8 hours a day just like us And they go to school the same amount of time in the year. The difference is Spain goes to school from September-July and we go to school from August-June. Most Children in spain are required to wear uniforms. Escuela de España

Cultura de España:

Spain has different languages spoken in there country. Aranesa , catalan , español , gallego , and vasco . Like in the U.S different people who speak different languages come to live here. Cultura de España

Deportes en España:

Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain. It is referred to as el Fútbol . A lot of sports in the U.S that are popular are also popular in Spain such as skateboarding and basketball. Deportes en España

Experiencias Personales:

I have been to a spanish country. I went to El Salvador which is in central America. The schools there were very poor with like no running water and the students had to wear uniforms. Experiencias Personales

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