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1300 ICE CUBE Supply High Quality Commercial Fridge Installations, Plus We Repair And Service. For All Commercial Fridge Installations, completely customized to suit our customers’ business needs.


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Commercial Fridge Repairs:

Commercial Fridge Repairs 1300 ICE CUBE deliver emergency commercial fridge repairs 24/7 and 365 days a year. If you have an emergency commercial fridge repair call us on 02 9186 3339 . 1300 ICE CUBE Is Sydney’s Leading Emergency Fridge Repairs CompanyWhen your business is reliant on 24/7 refrigeration . 1300 ICE CUBE services the needs of all entertainment, food and beverage service and supply companies, from cafes with a single under bar fridge, up to commercial warehouse premises with millions of dollars in perishable stock on hand.

Coolroom Repairs:

Coolroom Repairs 1300 ICE CUBE specializes in commercial cold room installation and repairs across Sydney. Commercial refrigeration and freezer systems must be tailored to your needs.These are specialized installations and they are an important investment in your business . This makes it important for it to be installed expertly and maintained well. Customized Cool room Solutions We understand that you are looking for a solution to match your requirements perfectly. It is our customization that sets us apart from the competition and the fact that we provide efficient and timely services any time you need them.

Commercial Fridge Installations:

Commercial Fridge Installations Here at 1300 ICE CUBE we offer high quality commercial Fridge installation services at pocket- friendly prices. With an extensive experience in this industry, we can supply and install any and all commercial fridge installations. We understand your needs when you require display style cabinet refrigeration. Functionality, presentation of produce, ease of use by the consumer and the ability for the fixtures, fittings and refrigeration . We specialise in professional refrigerated coolroom installations including showcase style window front commercial grade refrigeration for bars, clubs and alcohol retailers. These units must stand up to repeated use by both consumers and in-store staff and both the shelving and refrigeration units must meet high use standards.

Coolroom Installations:

Coolroom Installations Here at 1300 ICE CUBE we offer high quality, customized commercial coolroom installation services at the most competitive prices. With an extensive experience in this industry. Employing some of the most experienced installers of Sydney, we guarantee you quality services. Our cool room installation services are always in accordance with Australian Regulatory Standards (AS 1677.2). Whether you are looking for a cooling solution for your alcohol shop or want a cool room to display your food products, we can do it all! We are skilled to install all forms and sizes of cool rooms, including mobile cool rooms and walk-in cool rooms.

Air Conditioning:

Air Conditioning 1300 ICE CUBE is a proven and trustworthy supplier, installer and maintenance service provider for all of your commercial and residential air conditioning needs. We guarantee high-quality performance, courteous service, and affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. For further information on our commercial and residential air-conditioning services, contact 1300 ICE CUBE on 02 9186 3339

Commercial Airconditioning:

Commercial Airconditioning Are you looking for high quality commercial airconditioning installation or repair services for your office or commercial premises look no further than 1300 ICE CUBE. We are leaders in the commercial air-conditioning market, having served thousands of commercial and industrial places in Sydney . We install leading brands of both ducted and split systems and we offer a wide variety of air conditioners to suit both your budget and your needs. For more details on our commercial air conditioning solutions, get in touch with us today on 02 9186 3339.

Residential Airconditoning:

Residential Airconditoning Choose 1300 ICE CUBE to enhance the comfort of your home! We have been in this business of residential air conditioning for a long time and have served thousands of households in and around Sydney and its suburbs. We have a wide range of cooling solutions suited for homes of all sizes and models. We understand your financial restrictions and therefore, always recommend products. We are committed to quality, so we only install leading brands such as ActronAir, Fujistsu and Panasonic. We are also committed to value, so you can rest assured we will supply and install at the most competitive rates.

Contact Us:

Contact Us We Are 1300 ICE CUBE Any job, Anywhere Refrigeration, Airconditioning and More CALL: 02 9186 3339 Or Visit Our Showroom Located At: 1/470 Parramatta Road, Strathfield, NSW 2135 Thank You www.1300icecube.com.au/

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