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Research Props & Costumes :

Research Props & Costumes REECE KING


Props Possible need for sitting area within the location of the hanger at the airfield. Sitting need to be informal to represent the special episode of visiting the airfield. Inclusion of Aircraft within the hanger which will be included in the shot type within the episode which will show the presenter and guest in front of the aircraft. Use of exotic vehicles to show speciality of episode and the King Show. To have episode take place within the hanger where the interview will actually take place. To have special vehicle where the presenter will be transported to the scene of the episode.


Aircraft The use of Aircraft where the HDZ will be seen when flying the aircraft. HDZ scene will include HDZ in the aircraft Majority of the scenes will take place within the aircraft Shots inside the aircraft Outside shots of the aircraft to establish what HDZ will be involved in


Car The use of the Mercedes to have the presenter driven to the scene of where the interview will take place. To have the presenter be seen in the car and have a shot establishing the presenter leave the car and establish the welcome of the King Show.


Costumes To have both the presenter and the guest to wear formal suits when conducting the interview By having formal suits is shows the interview being taking in a higher standard and shows the representation of both parties Suits will show the conduction of formality when performing the interview

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