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Virtual Reality Contents Introduction Types Devices Applications Future Conclusion References

Virtual Environment (VE):

Virtual Environment (VE) A computer generated world with which the users can interact with one another. Interaction can vary from looking around to interactively modifying the world. Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Definition What is virtual reality(VR)? An artificial environment created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user accept it as the real environment.


Virtual Reality History Year Person(s) Responsible Why it was important 1965 Ivan Sutherland The beginnings of VR 1977 Dan Sandin, Richard Sayre and Thomas Defanti Interaction through body movement 1982 Bonnie MacBird ( Writer) The first computer- generated movie 1983 Myron Krueger First virtual environment 1987 Michael Piller The Holodeck, idea of immersive VR 1995 Silicon Graphics Virtual Reality Modeling Language 1999 Larry and Andy Wachowski Virtual Reality movie grosses $750M worldwide


Virtual Reality Types Immersive Desktop Video Mapping

What is Immersive VR?:

Virtual Reality What is Immersive VR? A type of VR in which the user becomes immersed in a virtual world. it is also a form of VR that uses computer related components.

What is Desktop VR?:

Virtual Reality What is Desktop VR? Desktop VR is when a computer user views a virtual environment through one or more computer screens. A user can then interact with that environment, but is not immersed in it.

What is Video mapping VR?:

Virtual Reality What is Video mapping VR? Video Mapping VR uses cameras to project an image of the user into the computer program, thus creating a 2D computer character. Although fully immersed in the environment, it is difficult to interact with the user’s surroundings.


Virtual Reality Devices Head Mounted Displays(HMD) Data Gloves

Head Mounted displays(HMD) :

Virtual Reality Head Mounted displays(HMD) HMD was the first device providing its wearer with an immersive experience. Evans and Sutherland demonstrated a head-mounted stereo display already in 1965.

Data Gloves:

Virtual Reality Data Gloves A glove that can sense the position of the finger which can be used to control and interact with the virtual images being displayed


Virtual Reality Applications Architecture Training Medicine Engineering and Design E-Commerce Entertainment Manufacturing


Virtual Reality Future In the past, computing power has doubled approximately every 18 months, a trend that is known as Moore’s Law. If this is the case then we should have a computer powerful enough to run immersive VR programs in our own homes by the year 2037. 1999 10% of the world's computing power was non-human 2029 99% of the world’s computing capacity will be non-human


Virtual Reality Conclusion VR is in its early stages, but is used commercially, globally. There are 61,400 international commercial companies producing VR.

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