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United Cereal : 

United Cereal Team 12

Core Customer Concepts : 

Core Customer Concepts Needs, Wants and Demands Market Offerings Customer Value Satisfaction Exchanges and Relationships Market

Marketing Management : 

Marketing Management Target Market Market Segmentation Geographic Psychographic Behavioral Value Proposition

Market Development : 

Market Development Market testing Product extensions vs. product expansions Market trends

Positioning : 

Positioning Differentiation Positioning statement Point of difference

Product Decisions : 

Product Decisions Product attributes Branding Packaging Labels Product and support services

Competition : 

Competition Oligopolic Competition Few firms Homogenous product

Pricing : 

Pricing Price Skimming Market Penetration Pricing

Promotional Tools : 

Promotional Tools Advertising Sales promotion Personal selling Public relations Direct marketing

Advertising Budget : 

Advertising Budget Affordable method Percentage of sales method Competitive parity method Objective and task method

Strategy : 

Strategy Positioning First mover advantage Eurobrand implementation New manager, mission, and goals Consistency Corporate-Level strategy

Structure : 

Structure M-Form Division Shared activities as cost center Shared activities as profit center Matrix Functional

Style : 

Style Who is in charge? Complexity Efficiency Authority challenges Team responsibility

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