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Rules of Composition : 

Rules of Composition By Mandi Drohman

Rule of Thirds : 

Rule of Thirds The rule of thirds is a very important composition rule. This rules shows that it is important to not put the subject of the photograph in the middle of the picture. As you can see with the photograph on the right, the subjects lies along one of the thirds of the picture. The points of intersection are where the subject should lie.

Framing : 

Framing Framing is another important composition rule. This rule is not as important as the others, but is still good to use to help contain the eye in the photograph. The picture to the left is a good example of framing. The trees on the side of the photograph keep the eye in the picture. Unfortunately, there is not much to keep your interest in this photo, so when naturally framing something, make sure that you also have a subject in the picture.

Background Simplified : 

Background Simplified The picture at the right is and excellent example of background simplified. The subject is in clear focus and the background is very blurry. In order to get the background simplified, you have to change the settings on your camera. You will want to zoom in on the subject and have a very big aperture (small number) which causes little depth of field to capture the image.

Background Included : 

Background Included In this photograph, the background was included to give more of a story to the picture. You see the main focus – the horses grazing – but then you see the mountains and trees and you then know where they are. When you are taking the picture to include the background, you will want to set your camera to have a small aperture (big number) which will let in less light for a sharper image and to zoom out.

Center of Interest Dead Center : 

Center of Interest Dead Center Sometimes, the picture just looks better if the subject is in the center of the photograph. If this is the case, completely disregard the rule of thirds. The picture on the right is a perfect example of this. Try to imagine that the surfer was in the lower left of the picture and the rest was just sky. It wouldn’t be as interesting as it is now.

Leading Lines : 

Leading Lines Leading lines draw the eye into the picture and in the case at the left, to the subject of the picture. Leading lines can be used to make a picture that would generally be dull very interesting.

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