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Photographs from The Great Depression Use of Kodachrome & Black & White And The WPA Photographers Slides Are Automatically Timed

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This is one of Dorothea Lange's most famous photographs - a destitute mother in a migrant farm worker camp in California.  Lange was one of the many talented WPA photographers who recorded the history and conditions of the Depression across the United States .

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This is a photograph of Faro and Doris Caudill, farmers in Pietown , New Mexico . They lived in a dugout and struggled to survive on Resettlement Administration land.As the 1930s came to a close, Kodak came out with Kodachrome film - the firstcommercially viable color film available to the general public.  In 1937 and 1938, the colors were still not stable and accurate, but by 1939 Kodachrome was producing color images of remarkable precision.

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New York City

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Times Square and Globe Theater

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United States Capitol Dome

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28th Street, Washington D. C.

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New Orleans Courtyard

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Jim Crow laws were a fact of life for residents of the Ninth Ward.

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San Francisco Yacht Club

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New Coupe with Golden Gate in Background

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Jumping Rope in the Midwest

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The Farmall Tractor had revolutionized farming, but mechanization remained limited.

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Going to Town on Saturday Afternoon in Georgia

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Barefoot Time in Indiana

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Homemade Dresses at Vermont State Fair

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Court Day in Campton, Kentucky

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Saturday in Cascade, Idaho

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Cattle Ranch Near Dillon, Montana

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Peach Harvest in Western Colorado

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Chicago Roundhouse

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Stratoliner at Chicago’s Midway Airport

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Frenchies Bar and Grill in Louisiana

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Miami Beach

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Boulder Dam

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New York Worlds Fair

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San Francisco's Golden Gate International Exposition

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1941 World Champion New York Yankees Joe Dimaggio

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Oklahoma Dance

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New York’s Lower East Side

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African Americans faced brutal discrimination in jobs, housing, and education.

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Sharecropper’s Shack

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Mining families in Pennsylvania still lived in decrepit company housing.

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Native American in Tuscon

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Japanese at Worlds Fair

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Car accident in 1912

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Tarzan: Johnny Weissmuller - 1922

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Miss Beach 1922

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Miss Beach 1928. Miss France is also present.

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1936 Yes the potato sack cloth was already quite the thing!

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Emigrant women with 7 children 1936

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This girl is 12 years old Tennessee 1936

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Camping car Tennessee 1936

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Doctor’s call Oregon 1939

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On the dole - 1939

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Remittance of a ration booklet 1943

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The End Four Walls and It is No Secret (What God Can Do) Sung by Jim Reeves

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