''Golden Wreath'' 9th Primary School of Larissa, PetrikisSotiris.

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''Golden Wreath'' 9th Primary School of Larissa, Petrikis Sotiris, Art-teacher.


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Forming the Macedonian wreath with leaves of the four countries . ESTONIA SPAIN GREECE CROATIA Items that enchant the public and archaeologists, gold wreaths - though mainly found in tombs - are not funerary objects. Used in real life, in rituals - mysteries - political, administrative or religious type - private or public nature. Wreaths with leaves of ivy, myrtle, oak, olive, decorated with fruits and flowers, adorned head men, women and children in special or important moments of their lives in religious ceremonies public and private, in Anniversary and sporting events, symposia, and accompanying their holders in their posthumous residence. Macedonian Wreaths Macedonia is the largest in area and that second most populous departement of the mainland. Extends to wider limits of the historical area of ancient Macedonia in northern Greece , defined on the north by the border with FYROM and Bulgaria to the east from Thrace , to the south of Thessaly and the Aegean Sea and west of the Epirus and Albania . At the beginning of the project we had the idea to realize a cooperative action between our countries by making a wreath of leaves would be decorated with features of all four countries . Thanks to the cooperation of all, this idea was successful . The leaves from Croatia… The leaves from Estonia… The leaves from Greece… The leaves from Spain… The final work. A friendship between the four countries has just begun ... C roatia Estonia Greece Spain Music: M. Ha d jidakis « Kemal »

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