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How I’ve shown brand identity:

I believe that I have created a clear brand identity throughout the different stages of my project. In the Ancillary stages with the Digi-Pak and the magazine advert I incorporated a specific brand identity. I have shown this identity in various different ways, such as; casual clothing and also an aspect of energy and fun shown in my ancillary tasks and my music video. How I’ve shown brand identity

The ways I was able to show my Brand Identity:

The ways I was able to show my Brand Identity I have chosen to use typical features from the alternative rock genre and also from the subgenre of beach-rock in my tasks. As mentioned on the previous slide I have used the laid-back attitude from alternative rock and I have also used the more colourful characteristic when looking at the clothing that they would wear. I have chosen that my band must wear baggy and fairly colourful clothing.

How I have shown Brand Identity:

How I have shown Brand Identity I have been able to show the Brand Identity is from the settings used in my music video and also for my Digi-Pak pictures as these feature a youthful band, in a recording studio that has clearly been using the more alternative rock instruments such as electric-guitars, and big drum kits. This provides a clear indication that the band play alternative rock as their style of music.

More… How I have shown Brand Identity:

More… How I have shown Brand Identity I have used the same fonts, and colour styles throughout the tasks. This is important for artist recognition, as it shows that this font/colour scheme is related to the artist and that they are immediately associated with when they are mentioned.

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