Audience Feedback 2

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Audience Feedback 2:

Audience Feedback 2

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I decided to do my second audience feedback as a questionnaire as I can get more detail on the answers. It would also be less awkward if I got any criticism from the five people I have given my questionnaire. This feedback was on my storyboard, ancillary task drafts and costumes/props. I got mostly positive feedback from my five chosen people with comments like the ‘costumes I am planning to use reflect the genre,’ and everyone got the feelings that I am trying to portray in the music video which is a plus. I got a few ways on how to improve my music video- like using a green screen instead of relying on the weather when filming as this could postpone your filming. I also got criticisms like my narrative should be more clear- so will take this into consideration when I am filming my final video.

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