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What have you learned from your audience feedback?:

What have you learned from your audience feedback? Evaluation 3

Watching my music video:

Watching my music video I invited a group of students in to watch the finished product of my music video. These students are who I think are the main demographic of Pixie Lott’s music. I then gave them the following short questionnaire to fill out afterwards, in order to gain their opinions on the music video as a viewer from the target audience. I then put them into a pie chart in order to see a clear response of what they thought.

Q1. Rate the video on a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent):

Q1. Rate the video on a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent) Out of four people, two rated my video as 4/5 and the other two rated it 5/5. I am really happy with this outcome as it shows that my music video has been successful with the target audience. I have put the results into a pie chart that enables you to see a clear outcome.

Q2. What do you like about my video and why?:

Q2. What do you like about my video and why? This question was really helpful in terms of receiving information about what worked well in my music video and what the target audience enjoyed seeing. I received mixed feedback about what they individually liked, such as the narrative, edits, shots and dance scenes. This shows that there is a variety of factors that the target audience enjoyed in my video. I think this is a very successful outcome as it shows there isn’t just one thing that stands out to the target audience, and that they enjoyed it as a whole video. I was unable to produce a pie chart due to the qualitative data, so here are the comments themselves that I scanned in.

Q3. Do you understand the narrative?:

Q3. Do you understand the narrative? A narrative is an important convention of the pop genre and is shown through out the video. If they didn’t understand the narrative, this would’ve meant my music video was quite unclear and the shots were not used successfully to show the beginning, middle and end. Everyone that completed my questionnaire answered yes to this question, which I am really happy about.

Q4. In what ways does it reflect the typical generic conventions of pop?:

Q4. In what ways does it reflect the typical generic conventions of pop? I got a lot of feedback from this question. I think this shows for a successful pop music video as there wasn’t just one convention that the target audience mentioned. There were comments on how stylised the scenes were, fashion, variety of shots, direct gaze, dance routine and that the artist is portrayed as youthful and beautiful. I am happy with these comments as I have researched and planned each scene to show these conventions of the pop genre.

Q5. What improvements could you suggest?:

Q5. What improvements could you suggest? The main points I received here were that there is a lack of pink in the music video, and that the flashbacks could have ‘dissolved’ each time to show a clear contrast. I think I could have improved the amount of pink that was shown in my music video, and perhaps added more vibrant pinks into the outfits, such as nail varnish. I think having each flashback ‘dissolve’ in my music video could be a bit excessive as some shots include jump cuts. I could have added in a few, however I focused on variation and added ‘rough edges’ to the flashback scenes in order for them to differentiate from the rest of the music video. From one member of my target audience who rated my video 5/5, I didn’t receive any improvements to be made, which shows that they enjoyed watching it and found it a success.

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