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Goheung - gun:

Goheung - gun 20101108 Lee gyun hyuk

Q. What is the symbol of Goheung?:

Q. What is the symbol of Goheung ? A. The flag of our county proudly symbolizes the local geological features, the complex history, the growing economy and the unique culture that is Goheung . Situated in the southernmost part of South Korea, our peninsula is surrounded by the South Sea and is populated by numerous mountains that offer a breathtaking and panoramic view of the countryside and the sea beyond. The design of our flag is motivated by the Space Center located at the southern tip of the county. The initial “g” expresses Goheung’s prosperity, progressive nature and pride to be an integral part of the future of space travel. The three ovals reflect the image of a developing Goheung where the natural beauty of the countryside and the serenity of the people exist in harmony. ● The blue color shown in the flag symbolizes nature and the purity of our environment and our sea ● The orange represents the people of Goheung who embrace the future with a progressive spirit and a passion for life.

Q. Who is the governor of goheung?:

Q. Who is the governor of goheung ? A. Governor is Park Byeong-Jong .

Q. What are Goheung target projects?:

Q. What are Goheung target projects? A. Public investment, Private investment Conditions for investment, Tax support.

Q4. What is the goheung character?:

Q4. What is the goheung character? A. - Oiro & Naro The designs of Oiro and Naro are based on the motive of a spaceship in the Space Center which will be founded in Korea first. Oiro and Naro are assistants who take the charge of various promotional activities and training for the Space Center, who have emotional smiles and warmth Byeol -E & Sol-E & Lobe Byel -E and Sol-E travel in the earth and the space, together with a nymph, Lobe. As messengers of dream and hope for everyone in the world, they are friendly and cozy like old friends. As the hero and the heroine of the coming space age, they are the eternal friends of Goheung people, who take the initiative in the construction of top-ranking Goheung that is full of clean waters, Space Center, abundance, and excitement.

Q5. How many people living in goheung?:

Q5. How many people living in goheung ? A. 78,589 people (35,284 households) (As of Jan. 1, 2008)

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