Presentations of OUR COMMON GROUND Broadcast Media and Communications Producers of LIVE Talk Radio and other vehicles for purposes of increasing the Black voice in the public square of America. OUR COMMON GROUND Media and Communication produces live broadcasts and other interactive and educational productions to address contemporary political, governmental, legal and social-economic issues. Our mission is to fill the educational and cultural needs of Black people in America which contributes to the creation of informed, healthy and empowered communities. Our guiding principle mission is to offer program which inspires, clarifies, informs and engages the “children of the slaves” on their unique “common ground”, with access and opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and solutions from throughout Black America . . . from our living room recliners to our universities and the White House. We remember, celebrate and count our victories in the face of great struggle . . . setting our vision on our future . . . TOGETHER from OUR COMMON GROUND.

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