Emotional Intelligence

Beginning in the 1980s and accelerating into the present- interest in emotions saw robust resurgence across a wide range of sub disciplines within psychology, neuroscience, and the health sciences-especially the renewed focus on positive psychology, well-being, and mind/body medicine. The questions often asked and need addressing What is emotional intelligence (EI)? How is it different from other established constructs within psychology? Is it possible to develop EI? Is EI a better predictor of work performance than traditional measures of intelligence-or, more precisely, which kinds of work performance does EI predict most strongly? Should EI be measured at all? Finally, what is the relationship between ethics and EI? Daniel Goleman's book on Emotional Intelligence created new awareness and has become important for all It can be defined as ability to motivate oneself and persist in face of frustration,to control impulse,and delay gratification ,to regulate one's mood s and keep distress from swamping ability to think,to empathize and to hope.,a

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