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The Invitation 14 Clues to the Rapture Time- Frame, The Feast of Weeks Based on God's Appointed Feast Days, and patterns found within the scripture that point us to the rapture/catching away time-frame. Ultimately the Bride of Christ will be the "Corporate Loaf of Barley" lifted up on one of God's appointed, Feast days- this is Clue 13. Following the rapture the Bride of Christ will follow a blueprint pattern of Jesus, appearing to many for a period of about 40 -50 days, all eyes are on the barley during what is called the counting of the Omer, this is the (loaf of barley/measure) that is lifted up and waved for 49 days until day 50 which is Pentecost. This study examines the Feast of Weeks, which are Holy Days and part of God's Holy Biblical Calendar, these Feast days we are told in the scriptures are shadows of things to come, and divine appointments with man! We can expect to see a third day/ Resurrection from the dead, and the rapture of the bride on this day, it falls near Easter, and is part of Passover week, and falls on the first Sabbath after Month 1 day 14 of HIs Holy Biblical Calendar,(the day the Passover lamb/Yeshua Jesus was offered up) The 14 Clues studies takes an in-depth look into God's Appointed Feast Days and examines the catching away of the bride during this time-frame, as well as examines future fulfillment for Israel, and the end-time harvest. In the 14 Clues Study to the Rapture Time-Frame we start in Genesis and work our way through Revelation and uncover many clues that point us to the Spring and to his Holy appointed Feast Days.

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