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8/30/2021 7:46:37 AM
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Like any other creative independent work of the student, the essay always provides for a certain typical structure. Thanks to this you can competently structure and line up the available amount of information. If it will be an essay on social studies the structure is as follows:
Introductory part
Is grademiners legit? With the help of the introduction, you can get the reader or listener interested in reading the work from the beginning to the very end. Here should be the following points:

formulation of the problem;
the essence of the problem;
A rhetorical question;
A quote or something similar to get the reader in the mood for emotion.
Main part
It necessarily touches on the history of the question under study, different points of view on the topic. Within the main part there are also sub-paragraphs:
The thesis - the author cites a provable judgment;
Justification - the arguments to prove the thesis;
Sub conclusion - a partial answer to a previously stated question.
Particular attention is paid to argumentation, the author must find such judgments, with the help of which it is possible to convince the reader of the truth of the given point of view. These can be historical facts, situations from life, opinions of scientists, evidence. Argumentation is built on the following plan - statement, explanation, illustrative example, summarizing, conclusion.
Here it is necessary to recapitulate all those conclusions that were made during the work on each stated thesis. Based on the arguments given, the reader must draw a conclusion. The problem is formulated first, followed by the conclusion.
If the introductory part is aimed at maximum involvement of the reader's interest, the conclusion adds integrity to the picture, pushes for reflection and leaves an impression in the memory.

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10/9/2021 12:59:46 AM
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