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Content distribution is one of the biggest requirements for a business in terms of online marketing. This is where press release service comes into the picture for content distribution. Press release services can often be unapproachable, primarily because many businesses are not familiar with the services offered. Unfortunately, several companies end up using it incorrectly and limit the full value of the news release which in turn could hurt the brand. It is imperative to have a good knowledge about press release providers, the services they offer and more importantly what it could mean to your business. Before contacting and comparing vendors it is essential to have a clear idea of the content distribution and promotion strategy that is required for your business or products. Here are a few basic questions you can answer to finalise your goals – 1. Do you want to reach a specific goal, or are you trying to achieve a range of targets? You have to decide the desired outcome of the communication campaign before approaching press release service providers. Your goals could include aspects like – · Online Visibility · Search Visibility · New Audience Acquisition and Conversion · Brand Engagement 2. Who is your target audience? Be specific about your geographical, industry-specific and demographic objectives. Here are a few markets you can target based on your product or service– · International markets · Local, regional and national markets · Target particular industries · Multicultural markets · Culture and demographics (ethnicity, age, gender, lifestyle etc...) · Increase search visibility, conversion rates and web traffic of the service provider’s website 3. Important features you would like to focus on Making the content visually appealing, specifically customised to the audience you are targeting is crucial. This has a direct impact on the views and readability factor of your content. Here are a few aspects you can consider – · Multimedia · Customizable and Interactive Content · Additional Services - media monitoring, targeting platforms, video production, strategic media placement and international distribution

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