ABOUT US: ClippingPathUnited provides professional photo editing service with the best quality output and an amazingly low price service charge. Over 50 experienced retouchers work, to meet complete customer satisfaction results and professional finishing. Why Image Clipping Path Service?: Image clipping path service is used for the following reasons: - To remove backgrounds or unwanted segments from your photos; - To focus on the product; - Isolate a part of an image to form a new image; - Merge the clipped image with a new image. Usage of Clipping Path: 1) Background Changing Most often usage of clipping path is to cut the object which is known as Background Changing. The main object will be cut out of the existing background and be placed on a new background. Slide5: 2) Background Removal: Clipping path is also used to remove background and keep the object only. It can be used to cut out an object and place it on a blank image, and then change the background as required. Slide6: 3) Color Correction: Clipping path can be used for color correction of any object and any particular part of an object with a completely natural look. Slide7: 4) Changing Special Parts of Image Clipping path service helps to change or re-color some special parts of a photo. With multiple clipping path services, it is possible to change and re-color any clipped object as per need. Who Need the Clipping Path Service?: Photographers: If you take photos for yourself or for professional purposes, such as Product Photography, Commercial Photography, etc. You may need Photoshop Clipping Path Service Provider. Who needs the Clipping Path Service?...contd..: Photo Editing Agency: If you have a photo editing agency or you work in any, you may need to take the clipping path service. Who needs the Clipping Path Service?...contd..: E-commerce Field: E-commerce website use clipping path service to focus on the product. Other Service Offered by Company: Photo Cut Out/Background Removal Neck Joint Photo Masking Product Retouching Jewellery Retouching Head Shot Retouching Logo Design Shadow Making Color Correction Rater to Vector Image FREE TRIAL – ABSOLUTELY! : Simply go through and complete the form as follows. OR You can use FTP, Wetransfer, Dropbox OR Mail us at including instructions. We’ll get back to you with your Images! Contact Us:

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